Energy Transition Conference 2023 is the region’s largest meeting place for energy transition. It will take place at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 28-29 August 2023.

Energy Transition Conference 2023 will look ahead to the future amidst an industry-wide transformation to drive progress to net zero. The conference features the Energy Transition in three different categories — Power, Transport and Cities.

It unites local and international thought leaders, experts, industry players, policymakers, and communities from across the value chain to formulate solutions and strategies, stimulate meaningful changes to accelerate energy transition effective and form collaborations

The conference provides actionable insights into the technologies, capabilities and policies that are necessary for the energy transition in this region over a two-day period. Participants have access to seamless digital platform and physical networking opportunities to ease building connections and explore potential collaborations across sectors.

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A responsible Energy Transition within the power sectors entails the transformation from traditional energy sources into cleaner alternatives. Similar shift must be made into enhancing the flexibility and resilience of the grid infrastructure. A responsible transition also means prioritising energy efficiency, reducing energy waste, and promoting a culture of conservation and sustainability. In this regard, the empowerment of consumers to ease their adoption of a smarter and greener lifestyle is another crucial imperative.


Transport is at the center of many economic and social development agendas, connecting people to jobs, education, healthcare, and one another. The transport sector is also responsible for a significant portion of global greenhouse gas emissions, hence a similar push toward the use of cleaner and more sustainable fuel sources to power vehicles. The increasing availability and affordability of these alternative fuels, as well as advancements in vehicle, battery and hydrogen technologies and the promotion of sustainable mobility options, are facilitating this shift towards a more sustainable transport system.


We can transform cities into embodiments of Energy Transition, using technology as a catalyst for sustainability. Smart and efficient use of energy and other resources have the power to elevate people’s quality of life and reduce the effects of pollution, traffic congestion and life stress. Economic opportunities are available through the creation of green jobs and the development of sustainable industries. Ultimately, the Energy Transition within cities is a critical step towards a more sustainable and resilient future. It requires the cooperation and commitment of all stakeholders — governments, businesses and citizens.


Digital technologies are vital for achieving net-zero emissions and driving energy transitions. The future of energy revolves around decarbonisation, decentralisation, and digitilisation. Digitalisation enables efficient data processing, issue identification, and virtual solution testing, leading to decarbonisation. Industries can enhance efficiency through the adoption of digital technologies like cloud computing, AI, ML, IoT sensors, and blockchain. Digitisation and cross-industry collaboration are essential for fast-tracking energy transition. Embracing digital technologies, energy-efficient practices, and climate-friendly production processes across the value chain is crucial for reducing carbon emissions. Overall, digitalisation will continue to accelerate the energy transition, enable green mobility, and foster sustainable cities.

Why you should be here

Join us in this energy transition journey

Unique Opportunities

Join cross-sectoral conversations between global policymakers, industry leaders and practitioners sharing successful energy transition strategies and implementations.

Maximize Networking

Set appointments and business meetings through our exclusive networking mobile app to establish new connections for collaboration opportunities.

Clean Tech Trends

Gain expert insights and analysis of the latest clean energy technologies, designed to help reduce carbon emissions and its role in environmental management.

Thought Leadership

Discover your role in addressing the net zero challenge effectively as different organizations are at a different trajectory of their energy transition journey


The Energy Transition Conference is committed to promoting sustainable practices and advancing environmentally responsible solutions. Our efforts to promote sustainability extends beyond the event, as we strive to serve as a catalyst driving change and progress in the energy industry.


This initiative empowers our delegates to understand the carbon emissions generated through their participation in this conference allowing The Energy Transition Conference to quantify and generate climate action awareness.

Event Powered by Green Energy

The 2-day international event will be powered by green electrons from renewable energy resources available in Malaysia through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certification (REC), advocating the transition from conventional energy to green energy.

Smart Events

The Energy Transition Conference will continue to advocate for an integrated eco-system that allows attendees to access event resources through mobile and digital solutions, minimising the need for printed materials. By going paperless, we are significantly reducing our carbon footprint and ultimately, bringing us closer toward our goal of a more sustainable future.

Sustainable Venue & F&B

The Energy Transition Conference commits to environmental responsibility by partnering with a venue that undertakes organisation wide strategies that align with the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including implementation of sustainable F&B, energy and waste management programmes, among others.


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