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Strategic Plenary and Panel Discussion

Join us for an exciting conference featuring 5 plenary sessions with 15 distinguished speakers of varying backgrounds covering energy transition topics. This event will bring together experts and practitioners from across the industry to discuss the latest trends, technologies, and policy developments in the world of power, transport and cities.

Our lineup of speakers will include leading figures in the fields of renewable energy, electric vehicles, smart city, and more. From CEOs of cutting-edge energy companies to esteemed academics, our speakers will provide unique insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the power industry, transport sector and cities as they decarbonize.


Day 1 (AM)

Registration & Light refreshments

Welcome remarks by host (TNB Chairman)

Special Keynote – YBM NRECC

Special Address – YB Prime Minister of Malaysia

Break & Exhibition area tour

Plenary Keynote 1 – Global Trends & Shifts in the Sustainable Development of the Power Sector

Plenary Keynote 2 – Evolution of Energy Transition: Emerging Trends in Transport and Cities

Day 1 (PM)

Networking Lunch & Exhibition Visit

Breakout session 1

Renewable Energy – related
Electric Vehicles
Virtual Power Plant

Breakout session 2

Energy Market
Charging Infrastructure
Community Energy Network

Breakout session 3

Decarbonising Technology
Future Transport Modalities
Energy Efficiency
Tea Break & Exhibition visit
Plenary Dialogue 1 – Technology & Capabilities : Empowering the Energy Transition

End of Day 1

Day 2 (AM)

Light Refreshment

Opening Keynote – CEO of TNB

Plenary Keynote 3 – Octopus Energy – Thriving in the New Green Era

Strategic Dialogue 1 – From Renewables to Electric Mobility : Navigating the Investment Landscape of the Energy Transition

Morning Session Break

Plenary Spotlight 1
100% RE – pipe dream or rational aspiration

Strategic Dialogue 2 – Powering Energy Transition through ASEAN interconnection

Day 2 (PM)

Plenary Spotlight 2
When EVs are the norm – tales from Norway

Lunch Break & Exhibition visit

Breakout session 4

Smart Grid, IoT & Analytics
Hydrogen in Sustainable Mobility
Circular Economy & Waste Management

Breakout session 5

Energy Storage
Public Transport Modalities
Smart City – Examples from other cities

Breakout session 6

Sustainable Financing
Mobility Customer Experience
Smart City Technologies

Plenary Spotlight 3
Smart Green Cities Of The Future From The Eyes Of An Architect

Tea Break

Plenary Keynote 4 – Leading the Charge : The role of Progressive Policies & Regulations in Accelerating the Energy Transition

Strategic Dialogue 3 – Powering Progress : Forward thinking Policies & Regulations that Shape the Energy Transition

End of Day 2

Plenary Session 1

Global Trends & Shifts in the Sustainable Development of Energy, Transport & Cities

There has been a growing global shift towards sustainable development in the energy, cities and transportation sectors, driven by mounting concerns over climate change, resource depletion and economic equity. Join us as we unpack the changes and trends that are taking place within these sectors, and together, discover whether these shifts are in fact sustainable and not mere fads.

Plenary Session 2

Technology & Capabilities: Empowering the Energy Transition

Technology, and the capabilities required to embrace it, are critical components in facilitating the energy transition. From digitalization to new energy sources, technology remains a vital cog within the energy transition jigsaw. In this session, we will look at what is happening, and needs to happen, on the technology and capability front within the power, transport and city sectors, from the lenses of 3 distinguished experts.

Plenary Session 3

The Economics of a Responsible Energy Transition

The price for the energy transition would not be cheap – the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimated that the world needs to invest a staggering amount of $4 trillion annually into clean energy by 2030 to reach net zero emissions by 2050. In this session, we will explore the risks and opportunities of investing into the Energy Transition, and hopefully work out some ways we can bridge the financing gap and attract further investments from both public and private sectors.

Plenary Session 4

Forward-looking Policies & Regulations - Shaping the energy transition

Having the right policies and regulations will help establish a favourable environment for renewable energy investment, encourage energy efficiency and conservation, and ensure that the energy transition is just and equitable for all stakeholders. This sessions calls together several eminent policy-makers and thought leaders to hear their views on this subject.

Plenary Session 5

Making it happen - towards a responsible & sustainable Energy Transition

Over the course of the conference, we have heard of what is required to make a responsible energy transition happen in the power and transport sectors, and in cities. What would it really be like to be in a world that has successfully decarbonized. This final plenary session will hear from three practitioners who are already experiencing various forms of energy transition within their respective domains. Is the energy transition truly the panacea for the world’s problem, or merely the beginning of something else?

Special Panel Discussion

Powering Energy Transition through ASEAN interconnection

One of the key catalyst for the rapid rise of renewable energy in European countries was the strong grid interconnectivity between neighbouring countries. For South-East Asia, a similar ASEAN grid superhighway would definitely go a long way towards helping the region adopt more RE, while simultaneously strengthening regional energy security. There are however many roadblocks to be overcome before this can happen. This session will bring in 4 regional experts to discuss the challenges, opportunities and way forward for ASEAN interconnection.

Exhibition and Breakout Sessions

The exhibition intends to convene companies across different economic sectors to showcase available sustainable solutions, technologies, and services to advance energy transition in this region.

In addition to the plenary sessions, the conference will also feature breakout sessions zooming in into specific topics of interest under the key themes and showcasing the latest developments in the energy transition across the power, transport and city pillars.

Don’t miss out on this chance to engage with some of the most knowledgeable and influential voices in the energy transition space. Register now to secure your spot at this exciting event.

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